Investing in the Ultimate Health Insurance Policy

Image of a piggy-bank in the shape of a house and coins in a desk to illustrate the importance of planning for the future.

We can all understand the importance of having the right insurance policy to protect our property and well-being from potential risks. Science now provides the possibility to invest in protection at a cellular level. Find out how Acorn gives you the best chance to capitalize on the advancements of regenerative medicine. Experience has taught us […]

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Your Cells Will Be The Next Currency in Healthcare – Are You Ready?

“Have you had your cells done”? That will be the future cocktail party talk that will bubble around us as we mingle.   Over the next few years, cell-based medical innovations will revolutionize the way we treat diseases and the way we think about our own personal healthcare.  Increasingly, doctors will be leveraging our own cells […]

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Cell Therapy in Canada: Striking the Right Balance Between Regulation and Innovation

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When it comes to the development of new health technologies and drug treatments, we have to be patient. In fact, the stakes couldn’t be higher because not taking the correct approach, with proper oversight at each step, could have dire consequences, including injury — or even death. That’s why it can take years, even a […]

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