Your Cells Will Be The Next Currency in Healthcare – Are You Ready?

“Have you had your cells done”? That will be the future cocktail party talk that will bubble around us as we mingle.   Over the next few years, cell-based medical innovations will revolutionize the way we treat diseases and the way we think about our own personal healthcare.  Increasingly, doctors will be leveraging our own cells […]

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How Acorn has joined the fight against COVID-19

animation of coronavirus molecule

The world is currently in the midst of the worst pandemic of the 21st century. SARS-CoV-2 has disrupted the lives of billions of people around the world and brought entire economies to a halt. These uncertain times demand unprecedented cooperation between governments, private organizations, and civil society. Very early on, we at Acorn raised our […]

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Landing our moonshot: How Elevate took Acorn to the next level

Drew Taylor on stage at the elevate wellness conference

This fall, Toronto became the center of the universe for all things tech and innovation. Elevate Tech Festival, now the fastest-growing conference of its kind in the world, kicked off across the city. It brought together entrepreneurs, scientists, disruptors — and even a former First Lady and astronaut — to talk big ideas.  For Acorn, […]

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Why young families should consider banking their child’s stem cells

Parents with child smiling in a couch

The other week, the Acorn team attended the National Women’s Show in downtown Toronto.  A health tech company like ours that’s revolutionizing the way we collect stem cells through non-invasive means may not seem like the type of organization you’d expect to see at a show like this. But it was a no-brainer decision for […]

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Here is everything you ever wanted to know about cells

illustration of cells floating

What is a cell and why are they important? Trillions of cells make up our bodies, all working together to keep us alive.   Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things. Each cell eventually becomes a cell with a particular function in our body.  Once they have fully developed their role, we […]

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Regenerative medicine might help cure Alzheimer’s disease

Conceptual image showing blurred brain with loss of neuronal networks to illustrate Alzheimers disease in the context of regenerative medicine.

Alzheimer’s is something that has touched loved ones in my own life. Many of us have a friend or family member touched by the horror and heartbreak of Alzheimer’s disease. September is World Alzheimer’s Month, and it’s worth remembering that nearly 50 million people globally are living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. The World […]

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Cell Therapy in Canada: Striking the Right Balance Between Regulation and Innovation

gold balance scale

When it comes to the development of new health technologies and drug treatments, we have to be patient. In fact, the stakes couldn’t be higher because not taking the correct approach, with proper oversight at each step, could have dire consequences, including injury — or even death. That’s why it can take years, even a […]

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