The Acorn Hibernation Sale

At-home collection, non-invasive, no upfront fee.

This winter, freeze your stem cells.

Stop aging and disease, join the future of preventative healthcare.

Available October through December, or while supplies last.

What is the Hibernation Sale?

As a healthcare company, we understand that the current times are scary and difficult and that the health of you and your family are top priorities. The Acorn hibernation sale makes it easy, and cost effective to store your cells and prepare for the future of regenerative medicine.

Stay at home, we’ll come to you.

Adults: $20/mo.

Children <19: $10/mo
At-home collection, non-invasive, no upfront fee (a $299 value).

Why freeze your cells?

Woman Cycling

Stop aging and disease

Have you ever wondered why we age and fall sick?

Our cellular systems age and break down over time. Those effects are felt all the way up through tissues and organs.

Scientists are already using stem cells to treat disease.

The number of diseases we are able to cure and treat is growing every year.

COVID-19 and Lasting Damage

Chronic diseases are showing up in people after they recover from COVID-19 infections. The virus can leave damage in organs such as the Lungs, Kidney, and Heart.

It has never been a more important time to save your cells for use in future therapies that treat chronic disease and damage.