We freeze the clock on your cells to ready you for the future of personalized healthcare, regenerative medicine, and genetics.

Your cells.
Your future.

We are excited about the future of human technology. Along with virtual reality, self-driving cars, and voyages to Mars. Medical and genetic engineering technologies will flourish. In anticipation of this, we cryopreserve young human cells as inputs and templates for use with our older bodies to help improve our quality of life and longevity.


Live Cell Collection, Analysis & Cryopreservation

1. Live Cell Collection

Use our home-kit, our live cell collection events, or visit our headquarters. Acorn makes cell collection easy and accessible. It’s as easy as plucking a few hairs from your head.

2. Analysis

Once collected, our lab uses advanced science to analyse your cells and ensure they are bacteria free and viable for future cell therapy and regenerative medicine. That means we ensure collected cells are healthy and ready for cryopreservation.

Acorn Biolabs processing stem cell sample in its lab in Toronto

3. Cryopreservation

Using proven cryopreservation technology, Acorn freezes the clock on your cells to a temperature of -196°C. This ensures that they stay healthy and viable for your lifetime.