Cells are stored with vault-like security, 24-7 monitoring and back-up systems. We operate within ISO standards for cell processing. Our facility is audited by regulatory auditors.

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Our database security adheres to gold standards for sensitive data protection to protect your rights and privacy. Rest assured that your information is secure, private, and well maintained.

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Acorn was built on two fundamental data privacy pillars – consent & transparency. These serve as the foundations for all of our services and how we conduct business with our clients.

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Acorn is committed to a culture of transparency. That means you can find out what we’re doing at every step with every cell. That’s our responsibility to you as a client at Acorn.

Fully Transparent, Consent-Driven Data Will Support Massive Disruption In Healthcare

The future of healthcare will be driven by the convergence of technology with biology and genomics. By connecting the data in your cells with big data tools such as machine learning and by applying it to biology, we will revolutionize how we think of personalized healthcare, diagnostics and preventative medicine – paving the way for precision medicine for everyone. No one ever expected self-driving cars or travel to Mars either – but history has shown that when technology can intersect responsibly with data – anything is possible, including re-inventing healthcare through the data that is unlocked by our own cells.

Drew Taylor PhD Scientist CEO and cofounder of Acorn Biolabs

Drew Taylor, PhD, MSc

Co-Founder and CEO

“Big data in healthcare and access to the data in our cells will help us better understand patterns, predict and even prevent disease. Doing so with full transparency and consent are the keys to unlocking the potential power that our own cells have for the future of personalized healthcare.”