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"You’ve really locked in a piece of yourself in your best possible health"
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"Until now, any live cell collection solutions have been highly expensive, invasive and often painful, ...."
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"The cells collected are a life-long resource for these clients, not only in regenerative medicine, but also for advanced analytics, ...."

Freeze your cells today, to cure disease tomorrow

Cells: the Future of Healthcare

Scientists can now convert any cell into powerful stem cells and solve the biggest challenges in healthcare.

Our Cells Are Aging

When we will need our cells the most - when we age - our cells will be too damaged to be a viable healthcare resource.

Freeze The Clock Today

Acorn preserves your youngest, best cells today to ready you for the future of regenerative medicine tomorrow.

Non-Invasive and Accessible

Access the future of genetics and stem cell therapy with the simple plucking of a few hairs.

Regenerative medicine is not science fiction anymore. It's here today.

Freeze your younger today and take advantage of tomorrow's innovations

I want to walk my daughters down the aisle

My father died in his 40's because of heart disease. I banked my cells with Acorn to make sure that I have the best possible chance of taking advantage of today's and tomorrow's innovations so that I can walk my daughters down the aisle at their weddings and be a part of my grandkids' lives

Acorn Client - Toronto, Canada

It’s much easier when you do it on your own

I was a little nervous originally, but the cell collection was simple and straightforward. ... When I was plucking myself as my own technician, I was able to adjust my pain level. It’s much easier when you do it on your own. If there is a good work space, lots of light and mirror on the side, it would make it easier to do.

Acorn Client - Toronto, Canada

A younger version of myself for the future

It was nice to see the hair follicle. Plucking was fine. It brings me peace of mind to know there's a younger version of myself stored for the future.

Acorn Client - Toronto, Canada

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