Storing Cells with Care for the Future

At Acorn Biolabs we ensure the highest quality cells are stored for future use. Your cells will be the starting material for future therapeutics and regenerative medicine. The quality of the starting cellular material is important for use in future therapeutics and regenerative medicine. How exactly do we make sure that the cells are of […]

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Autologous vs Allogeneic – Why Your Cells Matter

visualization representation of cells

To start off, let’s define these two terms. Autologous means obtained from the same individual. Allogeneic references cells or tissues that are genetically dissimilar and immunologically incompatible. Why do these terms matter to Acorn and why do they matter to you? Because your cells will be the next currency in healthcare. The Immune System: The […]

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Acorn’s Commitment to Quality – A 10 Point Process

Gears displaying the words efficiency, plan, quality, improvement, process, strategy, growth

When it comes to freezing the clock on your cells, quality matters. At Acorn Biolabs we strive for operational excellence. The way we collect, analyze, and store human hair follicles is done with strict adherence to Current Good Manufacturing and Tissue Practices (cGMP/cGTP). For most, cGMP/cGTP compliance is not a phrase that comes to mind. […]

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What are the only stem cell therapy conditions currently approved in Canada?

Table of stem cell therapies approved in Canada

As of 2020, Canada has approved a total of 3 cellular therapeutic products! These include the use of stem cells for the treatment of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), Adult B-cell Lymphoma, and Graft V Host disease. Most approved therapies use hematopoietic stem cells (HSC). Bone marrow, blood, and the umbilical cord all contain HSCs. HSCs mature […]

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When the future comes, will you be ready?

woman looking left wearing safety glasses

Few things capture our imagination like the advancement of technology. Whether its focus is science, transportation, communications, or any other pursuit, innovation moves humanity forward. Today, most people carry in their pockets devices with computing power that far exceeds anything that we could have imagined a few decades ago. Electric self-driving cars are present in […]

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Bioprinting: A major advancement in regenerative medicine

A 3D printer printing human tissue

Many advancements have been made in the field of regenerative medicine. One of these key advancements is 3D bioprinting. Bioprinting is defined as using viable cells and biomaterials or biological molecules to create 3D structures. Major organ shortages currently exist. It is crucial that scientists can find ways to meet these demands and close the […]

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